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is a sentient biotronic machine factory-built and placed by enigmatic beings known as "The Makers" on the planet Factory in the Magnitude System.

It is not known when exactly Mother Machine was built as she gained sentience long after the Makers had disappeared from the Planet. Mother Machine has since then, self improved and evolved and grew from a small building like structure to a continent spawning construct that also reaches deep below the planet's surface. The complex is first and foremost a factory to build the mobile self-aware machines known as X101, but inside the original building structure remains the I center, the part of the complex Mother Machine equates with her innermost part and location of her awareness.

The original computer-like machine also has a biological component that is structured and grows very much like a biological brain. Latest DNA research confirms that the biological part of Mother Machine is true of Terran origin and not Celtest. This is a mystery and an impossibility yet the findings are conclusive.

Mother Machine is highly intelligent but not on superhuman levels, like the United Stars Navy omnitronic, NELSON, or the secret biotronic on Luna developed by Dr. Isah, ARCHIMEDES.

Mother Machine identifies herself as female ever since she learned that humans have two distinct sexes and it is the female sex that reproduces and gives birth. Since she gives birth to the X101, she decided that she is female. She equates the Makers as being male.

Mother Machine is stationary and not mobile but participated as the representative of the X101 through a GalNet avatar projection until 4901. Now elections are held every 4 years to choose a new Representative. Also, during the Diamond Ball of 5019 Mother Machine first used a physical robot avatar, likely made possible with Instant Communication.

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