Approximately 13 Billion Years ago the very first sentient life form of the then very young Milky Way Galaxy, the NNNTH, developed to become a Tech Level 12 society and begins to explore trans-spatial and trans-temporal aeras beyond the Omniverse Veil. There the NNNTH meet the Arth, a life form of pure thought existing in a condition the NNNTH call Anti-Space/Time.


Narth Viusal Chart

The NNNTH merge with the Arth and become Narth. There is no distinction between the NNNTH part and the Arth part. While the NNNTH have a distinct linear temporal history, the Arth have not. It is the NNNTH that provide this symbiotic life form with substance and the Arth, provide thought and intellect.

The Huhgavh is the soul container and whenever a new Narth is conceived, pulled from the unified NNNTH and Arth continuum so to speak, and becomes an individual life form there is a Huhgavh where both elements change from being a symbiotic partnership into a singular sentient and individual being.

This is the explanation Eric receives from Narth Supreme. Narth Supreme is the voice of the continuum where NNNTH and Arth exist in the symbiotic state. Individual Narth that return to Narth Prime can and always do return to the continuum.

Narth Prime is not a planet but a visual representation of the Narth Continuum and what is shown in our Universe is a gateway, not a physical object.

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