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Names of Union Races
  • Saresii: Elfish Names
  • Sarans: Egyptian Names
  • Pan Saran : Roman Names
  • Terran Names : Use a Phone book
  • Klack names start with a T or a K and then an apostrophe : T'Thcjk, K'Thsnk, T'Nurh
  • Shiss Names : Any name you an think of if spoken by a Snake with a hissing sound: George Bush Grzzzhhh Bsshhhh. Obama Hussein: Obhhhsssma Hsssinnn
  • Nul: Three Sylable names Hyr, Gor, Got, Mat , Tok ...and then Got of Gohar , Mat of Gohar,
  • Bridger Names (anyone born on the Bridge) : They have names like Internet handles : Starfox453, Jimmy459494, Fankulo3 etc.
  • Kermac: Very long names usually the time spoken in non understandable languages: Five minutes to Six = Wizard Fivtosix, Half Past Eight = Wizard Hafpasseig
  • Narth =Everyone is Narth except Narth Supreme
  • X101= Technical names + Series , Diode Sevenfiveeight, Restor Sevenfivefive etc
  • Non Corps: Numbers usually shortened to the first three digits... 03959303 = Zero-Three-Nine
  • Saturnians = German Names
  • Stellaris = English names
  • Wurgus = Lots of "K" = Brakkk, Terkkkk, Norkkk, Sthkkk

Remember Union Citizen mingle and it is perfectly alright for a Pertharian to have a name like John Miller, or a Human called T'Tnkink

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