Narth the
The Narth are a Union Member Civilization. They occupy a planet around a white sun. The sun, Narth-Light, has none of the usual characteristics of a normal white star, even the Wurgus solar engineers claim it is the only star they do not understand. No one other than a Narth* has ever set foot on the seemingly featureless and only planet in the system. The System is not always there and often vanishes completely behind what the Narth say is a No-Time Field. The Narth System is off limits to all space traffic. Narth do not export or import anything. Narth individuals appear to be humanoid and wear body covering, floor length shrouds with long sleeves and metallic belts. Their faces are hidden beneath hoods. The hoods have eye holes, which glow usually dark red, but bright yellows have been noticed as well.

According to the Saresii, the Narth had been known to the UNI over 250 million years ago. The Saresii also say that the Narth are the most powerful Psionic talents in the known universe. Until very recently the Narth did not participate in any inter-civilization activities and remained completely isolated. The Narth applied for membership after the second Y'All invasion with the explicit wish to remain undisturbed.

There is no biological data on file, no individual names or Citizen Data recorded. On April 5010 the first Narth representative came to Pluribus.

All other details on the Narth are unknown.

(*) Richard Stahl was invited to talk to the Narth Supreme right after the final battle against the Y’All. This event is known to very few. Larthop, the Son of Darkness, a Saresii, was on Narth Prime to learn and study, but was asked to leave. The Saresii keep this visit of shame, secret.

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