Nasty buggers
Nasty Buggers

Harmful Non sentient Bio Forms distributed by space ships from port to port (HaBifs )

Classified as Harmful Bio Form type II

Space Vermin - found in many non Union ships and Roamers of questionable reputation and funds.

Origin unknown. These nasty stinging spider like vermin had infested Sin 4 and can be found at N'Ger and Kalimant

They are known by many names in different cultures and societies. They have been entered as Nasty Buggers into the Union specimen catalogs and are classified

These spider like creatures are grow up to 3 centimeters but in general are not bigger than 100 milometers. They forage on nearly any organic compound and can survive for short time in deep space (10 -15 mins)

They tolerate heat (up to 150 on the C scale) and are resilient to many poisons. They can enter a hibernation state and survive for years without food. Their body liquid is a form of ethanol and they are well insulated.

They procreate mono sexual and can lay up to 100,000 eggs every six weeks if enough nourishment is available.

They attack / defend with a sharp stinger that is poison tipped. A sting can kill a grown human within hours if no medical aid is rendered. Several stings are usually lethal in much less time.

Union hygiene protocols have prevented the propagation of this vermin.

Part of the log book of every Union registered ship (military and civilian) is the Bio Form declaration and State of Ship hygiene report .

The report must be up to date and list every life form aboard (down to microbes) Private ship operators that arrive from non Union destinations are usually quarantined, until Space Port Authority could check on the state of hygiene.

Nasty Buggers may be traded, bought and sold, but a Harmful Bio Form trading license must be obtained.

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