Neo Vamps or Neo Vampires are a sub culture of the Union society. There are two distictive groups: The Pretenders and the Hunters.

We don't have Vampires on Splish Splash. What are they?Edit

"For the most part just bored young people who like to feel empowered and special. It has its roots in many usually human societies and is about a legendary class of supernatural beings with supernatural powers that sustain themselves by drinking the blood of others. There are Saran legends[1], the famous Thauran stories[2] and of course stories and legends form good ol' Earth."[3]
He sighed."But as with everything, there are people who take these stories and legends serious and elevate them to religions. These people do not just act and dress a certain way but really believe they can attain supernatural powers and status by biting others and drink their blood. No one has ever turned into a real Vampire as far as I know, but  people have been killed."[4]
Her face showed disbelieve."How come I never heard of it? It should be discussed at the Assembly and erradicated."
"The Union prides itself to provide religious freedom. As long as the religion isn't hurting others, there can not be any laws regulating believes. The Neo Vamp subculture is strongest on Thauran planets and small communities like this one can be found on major population centers like Pluribus ."
He smiled and added."There are fifty billion beings resident on Pluribus and there are no more than maybe twenty thousand of them. Most of them just expressing a dark lifestyle, hardly something the Assembly needs to discuss. Some of them do more than just dress up and alter their appearance and that's where the laws come in."
"But you mentioned people getting killed."
"I did, but sadly there are many lifestyles  with a spectrum that reaches from harmless and lawful to harmful and illegal."
She understood and nodded. "I get that, Sir. It is just amazing to me what people do."
"Corporal, I am really as old as they say I am and every time I think I seen it all, there is something new."


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