It is not entirely clear how this sub culture/ society started. Most scholars agree it came from Planet Earth and developed from mythology and romanticized by media and fiction, but Neo Vampires are found on several of the big Union places such as Pluribus, Blue Moon , Ross , Sol Hub and Venus . Neo Vamps are generally human or humanoid (although other species have been reported to be members) and often genetically and/or rarely cybernetic enhanced. Almost all Neo Vamps use Psi Tech to simulate or intensify Psionic abilities. Neo Vamps are usually affluent or pretend to be affluent and “in”. To be a Neo Vamp one must consume blood of another individual. When given freely or when synthesized (as served in legal Vamp Clubs ) it is not against the law to associate with this group. However, the “true” or “Core” Vamps believe in the Hunt and only the blood of a non-willing person will do. Several hundred cases of Neo Vampire Hunt Kills are known and over eighty Neo Vamps have been caught and executed. The Movement is small and insignificant in terms of percentage to the general Union Population and the Movement is on the Police Concerned List. The most favorable estimates claim the NV have a Union wide membership of about 1 Million.

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