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Nether Worlds

also see Nether Planes

Aka Hell , Hel , Underworld , Demon Pits , Abyss , Anti Universe etc.

Many cultures equate the Nether World space (Anti Universe) with the place of demons and devils and there are countless words describing this realm. Almost all cultures from Narth to Pree and everyone in between have legends and myths about this.

However modern Transspatial Science aided by the Coven Scholars have defined the region as Nether Worlds and it is by Transpatial mechanics form of Anti Universe. It can be reached by Anti Hyperspace and then transversing the Negative Quasi Space

Scholars and mathematicians are working on putting it in workable equations and even hope to utilize Anti-Quasi as a method of FTL travel.[1]

Similar to Psionics (an ability to manipulate trans-phasic energies and particles via Hyperspace ) There are beings able to manipulate, channel and use Netherworld energies to manipulate and affect matter and energy in the standard universe. It has been called magic but is a quantifiable explainable activity with set rules on which technology can be based. (Nether tech ) As of 5050 new Union ships are Nether shielded and existing ships are upgraded.[2]

Nether Tech is highly classified. 

The Coven and the Wardens are the only known societies that have developed Nether tech.

  1. No longer possible as of 5500 as the Dark One sealed all rifts and repaired the Veil of Eternity . Not that this colourful name is described in any mathematical way, the Narth claim to understand the outlines of what the Dark One did and are certain. Breaking the Rule again would not be a good idea.
  2. the extend of what can be done with Nether tech or Nether abilities has been severely limited after 5500.
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