Hohenwestedt Wappen

New Aryan Flag

New Aryans aka Neue Arische

A group of roughly 125,000 Germans associated with the Vrill and Vril Gesellschaft. They called themselves “New Aryan” (Neue Arische in the German language). New Aryans are 215 cm tall on average, fair skinned and usually blond-haired and blue-eyed.

The New Aryans were far-sighted realists. Foretelling the fall of the Third Reich, in 1946 OTT the first Vrill built Ark took the New Aryans to create a colony on Delta Trianguli A (Neues Deutschland). In 2014 OTT, the New Aryans expanded to Zeta1 Reticuli (Isolde) and Zeta Herculis I (Wallenstein).

In 2099 OTT, Neues Deutschland and Wallenstein agreed to accept United Earth law and stand by Terra to defend it against the Xunx. Isolde disagreed and joined the Falkenhorst Reich.

The New Aryans remained an independent, neutral two planet society loosely associated with both United Earth and the Vrill.

Along with the New Vrill, the New Aryans applied for United Earth Membership in 2145 and later joined the Union in 2224.

Purity laws were repealed in 2194 OTT; minute racial differences have faded away as New Aryans interwed with other Homo Galactus species over the past 2800 years.

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