New Catholic Church
New Catholic Church‏‎ 

This is another branch or incarnation of an old Pre Astro Earth religion.

There are:

The New Catholic Church is headquatered on Rome, planet. It is a large religion with several hundred million followers. Its head is the Lord-Pope (currently Pope Tiberius Optimax 5050 OTT )

The core doctrine is similar to the other incarnations but focuses on more aggressive methods of spreading their brand of religion. 

The New Catholic Church is very rich and operates two full size hospital ships (the Saint George and Saint Peter )

The NCC has several orders : Blood Knights, the Order of the sacred Lamb and the Brothers of the Staff of the Shepherd

Several leading members of the Blood Knights have been arrested over the years for violent crimes. Members of these groups are excluded from serving in any Union law enforcement agency or serve for the Justice department.  

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