New Galactic Catholic Church

Jesuit Scholar, Joseph Avinonge declares that Jesus had died for the Sins of all sentient beings and that the Pope and the Church had authority to send missionaries and convert every alien civilization (as long as they were humanoid) and announced himself to be the rightful Pope.

In doing so he split the Roman Catholic Church and about 1/3 of the Church members agreed with Joseph. 2090 is the founding year of the New Galactic Catholic Church.

The Pope declared the new Church an enemy and excommunicated all who would accept the new pope. A short but quite intense war between the two churches broke out and was intensified by the confusion of Humanity at what to do and who enforced the law. And what law is supposed to be enforced. The two churches fought city fights and committed atrocities on both sides such as raiding, burning homes, burning people at the stake for heresy, kidnapping and acts of terror that affected non Catholics as well.

In all this were the violent Muslims and the militant arm of the Atheists of Terra.

Joseph Avinonge and his followers were loosing members to the Old Religion ( Egyptian Gods).

To all this came the Restored Martin Luther who managed to unite most of the protestant churches around the world in a Clergy Alliance.

The NGCC and Joseph Avinonge leave Earth with 30,000 followers to the Planet Dulce Vita where the New Vatican is established.

The NGCC baptiste humans and non humanoids alike. Human and non human priest alike are ordained. The New Galactic Catholic Church sends missionaries everywhere and the NGCC grows.

In 5050 it is the second largest Faith community of the Union with as much as 500 Billion members.

The NGCC is very conservative in its views and the current Pope T'kythk a staunch defender of confession and celibacy.

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