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New Sweden
United Stars of the Galaxy Planet in the Pleiades (also known as the former Xunx region).
New Sweden is one of the first planets that have been settled after Earth (Terra ) ascended and is one of the oldest Colonies. After almost 3000 years it has developed a rich local culture and society.
The Colonists mostly of the Northern European region of Earth left Earth during the Second Exodus and were part of the Ark-Fleet that originally had Nilfeheim as their destination. The Colonists were members of the Church of Odin, as the Settlers of Nilfeheim did not belong to the “Viking Movement”. The Colonists of New Sweden found a rich Earthlike garden world with pristine forests and huge oceans teaming with an abundance of sea life, that had the right DNA and sugar molecular structure to be consumable by Terran Humans . Due to this abundance of food and a cool but not extreme or harsh climate, the Colony grew fast and developed well. Also in contrast to the Settlers of Nilfeheim, the New Swedes never rejected technology and remained in close contact with Earth. New Sweden became one of the first Colonies that joined the United Earth Federation and joined the United Stars of the Galaxies simultaneous with United Earth .
New Sweden today has lost much of its original beauty and commercial robotic trawlers had depleted much of the oceans of its original, native life. Oceans have been restocked with Terran farm fish such as Herring , Tuna and similar food fish.
New Sweden is the official home of the Church of Odin , a religion that became famous for its scandals a few hundred years ago.
There is a well developed heavy industry, with industrial centers on New Sweden and all the planets in the Nordisk System . New Sweden is famous for its civilian flyer production as well as for its marine- agriculture tech. (Such as robot trawlers, fish farm packages, seaweed process equipment, and similar items)
New Sweden has two large underwater cities that are well-known tourist destinations for the budget minded tourists.
The planet has a population of 6 billion that is governed by an elected planetary representative and a House of Parliament with also elected community representatives.