This article is about the entity known as “Non” aka NON.[1]
Workgroup Olympus – File 5847-46 – Pre Universe Entities – Section Children of Sateer - Brotherhood of Sateer . Entry: Non
Physical Appearance
Humanoid about 220 cm tall – bipedal.
It is quite difficult to come by detailed information of a previous, reportedly destroyed Universe, as even the information of that Universe along with everything else, appears to be utterly destroyed.
However, there are survivors and trespassers from other Universes that appear in ours, and beings of our Universe that somehow manage to breach the barriers that separate Universes and appear in another.
It is assumed that Non is one of those, a survivor of the so-called Precursor Universe .
Professor Dr. Humlum of  Triton University , an authority in Trans-Dimensional Life forms and a famous scholar on the subject of Precursor Survivors  (A leading researcher in the Workgroup Olympus ) has dedicated a lifetime of research and scholastic pursuit on the entity called NON.
Here is an excerpt of his paper:
In 5051 the Coven gave scholars unprecedented access to their Library of Walpurgis and allowed me to copy the oldest document in the Universe, a scroll called the Prophecy of Before and Yet to come . This scroll and other sources made it possible for me to put together some information on these elusive Brothers of Five (or also known as the Brotherhood of Sateer ) . One of its members is NON.
Non was one of five survivors of the brotherhood that made it into our Universe.  His ultimate goal was to aid the reincarnation of the Dark One and in turn, gain his help to free the rest of the trapped members of the Brotherhood of Sateer .
It is now generally believed that it was NON who seeded planets all across the M-0 Galaxy with human life genome matrix influencers.

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