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Myth Dragons?
A dragon is a long, enormous, and serpent-like creature that appears in much mythological folklore. The legends of such majestic creatures have by far stretched beyond tales and into the hearts and minds of artists, storytellers, and poets. The dragons are famous for their splendid and sometimes fearsome appearance. Moreover, they are in possession of extraordinary prowess which words could barely explain. The dragons in the modern sense are not totally evil, though in the sense they embodied it was something related to danger, natural chaotic forces, and unpredictable thoughts. Norse Myth Dragons represent the powerful forces of destruction and a great force of evil.

Three dragons that appeared inNorse mythology were Jormungandr , Nidhogg , and Fafnir . Though Fafnir had an unclear connection with Ragnarok , the Doom of Gods, Jormungandr, and Nidhogg closely connected with such disasters.

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