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Norse Mythology / Nordische Mythologie Norse mythology, sometimes also referred to as Viking mythology or Scandinavian mythology, consists of the beliefs that once existed in the Scandinavian countries before the people there were converted to Christians. The Scandinavian countries consist of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and in some aspects, Finland.

Most of what we know about Norse mythology comes from the two Eddas. In layman's terms, the word Edda means "a collection of what is told".
The first Edda, also the more ancient one, is the Prose Edda by the Icelandic poet Snorri Sturluson.
The second Edda, called the Poetic Edda, is written after the Prose Edda and whose author(s) is unknown. Some of the sagas(a story told in narrative style) in the Poetic Edda obviously appeared to have been influenced by Christianity.
The Norse myths make mention of the nine worlds. The limbs of this giant ash tree holds all the nine worlds together.

Each race of being dwell in a world of their own. Humans live in Midgard, the Aesir gods in Asgard, the fire giants in Muspellheim and so on.

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