Norse World Creation

Before the beautiful and evergreen sight of the world,  there was nothing in this cosmos . The cosmos at that point was null and void. Everything was engulfed in darkness and blackness. The only enormous emptiness was known as Gunningagap . This chaos of perfect silence and darkness just laid there long before the glorious period of the Norse pantheon, long before the Norse World Creation

To the north of the Gunningagap was a land of Niflheim . The place is full of mist, fog, and coldness. To the south of Gunningagap was then land of Muspelheim . This place, on the other hand, was full of lave, heat, and fire. The giant ruler of Muspelheim lived there with fire demons and fire giants.

The lava from Muspelheim came to the Gunningagap only to meet the ice rock of Niflheim. When the fire and ice met each other, the ice was melted and started to drip. The ice started to form a shape of a humanoid creature. There came the first giant in Norse myth. Ymir was the giant’s name. When sleeping, Ymir started to sweat and the sweat under his arms grew more giants.

Gods vs Ymir in Norse World Creation

The frost continued to drip and it gradually formed the cow Audhumbla . She nourished Ymir with her milk and she received the nourishment by licking the salty ice. Audhumbla licked a salty ice block and there appeared the godBuri , the first of the Aesir god tribe. Buri had a son Bor who then married a giantess known as Bestla . Bor and Bestle had three children, namely Odin , Vili, and Ve . Odin then became the chief Aesir god.

Three brothers managed to kill the giant Ymir and set about constructing the world with his corpse. They created the ocean from his blood, the mountains, and cliffs from his teeth, the plain and soil from his skin and muscles, vegetation from his hair, the sky from his brains, etc. The battle between Gods and  Ymir resulted in the death of many giants in that time. There was a giant couple that survived. And the future giants were the descendants of the surviving giant couple.

Human and Dwarves

The gods formed two human Ask and Embla from the tree trunk and built a fence surrounding Midgard to protect them from any hostility and especially the giants. Odin, Ve, and Vili gave them the mind, intelligence, movement, feelings, speech, etc.

It seemed like life raised upon death. This principle might happen in any era and in any region. We eating or consuming something is a perfect example of this. And when it comes to the Norse World Creation in mythology, this principle was applied. To create the world, the Norse gods slew Ymir and used this giant’s body parts to form the ocean, mountains, clouds, etc.

When Odin and his brothers were creating the world, worms kept crawling out of the rotting remains. Those worms later became the dwarves . Because the brothers were afraid that the sky would collapse, they told four dwarves to hold the sky. Off four directions the dwarves went. These four dwarves presented the North, South, West, East we have today. The rest of the dwarves came to Svartalfheim and became the most excellent craftsman in the world.

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