“Pets” of the Dai Than.

It is not known where the Dai found the first Noth-Roms and they are part of the Dai Civilization for a very long time. Every Clan breeds their own version and sometimes trade very strong and successful fighter males with other clans for incredible sums of Dariks ( Iridium Ingots). The Noth-Roms are breed to fight alongside Dai Raiders during boarding or planet raid attacks, but are also used in Arena fights. Unlike Terran Style Dog Fighting the owner of the Beast fights along with his Noth-Rom against another Dai also wit his Noth-Rom.  The highest form of this Arena Style fighting is called Noth-Aptiwhere a pack of ten fights on each side. It requires the highest control of the Dai Noth Master and can lead to his death. Noth-Roms are terribly vicious and it takes determined training to make them obident to their master. Noth-Roms obey their master only and are dangerous to anyone else. Har-Hi had a Noth-Rom pet, but it was killed in a Planet Raid. His father sends him a new one as a present and the “pet” caused quite a stirr among the Tigershark crew... Much to Har-Hi's dismay the Noth-Rom was almost slain by Erica and then attached itself to Cateria who nursed it back to health. The Noth-Rom (Called Brutus) is now Cateria's (given to her by Har-Hi) and the monster does not leave her side.

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