Nt'gtar thk the 745th
Publicity photo used prior to 5015
Vital statistics
Title Supreme Queen of the Klack
Gender Female
Race Klack
Faction Union; Klack Hegemony
Birth Place Royal Klack Birth Center located on Klakt
Date of Birth April 15, 4896
Status Alive in 5050 - Queen Supreme of the Klack since the death of her mother Nt'gtar thk the 744th on July 19, 4962
Aliases Supreme Queen of the Klack;
Nt'gtar thk the 745th

Supreme Queen of the Klack Nt'gtar thk the 745th was born at the Royal Klack Birth Center on the Klack homeworld Klakt.

In 4917, she was selected to be the next queen from those born at that location between 4894 and 4902, starting an intense period of training and what would become nearly thirty years actively serving in the Union Navy, entering the ranks of reservists at the time of her Mother's death.

She continues the policy of increased individualism amoung the Klack, by implementing the “I decide for my own what I want to do in life” program that only gives the new Klack basic cultural knowledge and allows the individual to choose what occupation he wants to pursue. It is a concept readily accepted by those Klack who are in contact with other Union species but is not so well understood by the planet bound workers. The queen does not want to make the changes part of the knowledge upload and mandatory.

Nt'gtar thk the 745th hopes this will promote more individualism as she is convinced that individualism will promote development of ideas and thus aide the development of the Klack culture.

Only the Queen however “marries” and maintains a Harem of male Princes to fertilize her Eggs.

Shortly after the Archa became Union Members, she met personally with the Archa Sac Queen.  The initial meetings didn't go well, with she fainting the first three times and her honor guard fleeing the first two times.  Starting in their fourth meeting, she was able to put aside her fears and later even suggested to the Sac Queen a joint entry to the Diamond Ball, the first of which happened in 5019.

She also oversaw the final stages of the restoration into active duty of one of the two remaining Klack Battle Moons (The other one is permanently in orbit of Klakt as a museum.)