Genetically altered predator animal originally from Earth . This genetically tailored life form was created by Charles London Inc of Terra (before the Clone War crisis and the Clone laws). Incorporating DNA elements of polar bear, wolf, fox, and Salmon these life forms were taken along by the Colonists leaving to Nilfeheim . The Nubhirs, Nubhir Wolfs and the Fangsnappers are related and made by the same company. Of the sixteen different life forms the Colonists took along only the Nubhir, Nubhir Wolfs and the Fangsnappers took hold and developed to a distinctive native life form. Nubhirs are smaller than Nubhir Wolfs and grow a particular soft fur and their skin makes a very soft leather that is among the highest prized natural leathers on the Galactic Markets. Many Clans, especially the Ragnarsson and Olafson Clan are known for their fine leather products and sell them all over the Galaxy.

Nubhirs are more docile than Nubhir Wolfs but some breeds are vicious and almost equal to Nubhir Wolfs.

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