Nubhir Wolf

a genetic altered Terran canine animal that has been taken along by the Nilfeheim Settlers.
Nubhir Wolfs are large Canine wolf-like creatures that have the product of genetic tailoring.
They are able to withstand very cold conditions and can swim and dive over long distances.
They are fast and vicious and kept as guard animals and pets, but are also farmed for their fur.
Many items in the traditional Nilfeheim households use Nubhir fur.
Like Nubhir pillows, capes and fur blankets.
Nubhir is also eaten mostly by Free and low men.
Over the 3000 years of Nilfeheim settlement, many different breeds have been created. The Clan houses
such as the Olafson and the Ragnarsson Clan were famous for their vicious and large Nubhirs.
The largest Nubhir, the Ragnarsson Coppers (for their coppery colored fur) have a shoulder height of 150 cm
and can weigh up to 600 pounds.
Nubhir Wolfs have long and sharp claws.

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