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Large Nuflug Fly

Nuflug flies are a large semi insectoids life form native to Archa. The term Nuflug is a general term to describe the fourteen different sub species.

All Nuflug are non sentient animals with intelligence roughly comparable to a Terran cow. They have many true insectoids features, but posses in addition to a thin Exo skeleton a second supporting endo skeleton that allows them to grow to these large sizes under the gravitation on Archa.

The largest variety (shown) can grow up to 3 meters long and stand up to 2 meters tall. Most, but not all of the Nuflug are able to fly. There are wingless varieties as well.

There are carnivorous and herbivorous types and all of them serve as the main source of food for the Archa. Since the industrial revolution of the Archa society, the so called Nackha Nuflug are commercially raised and farmed.

Wingless Nuflug are the main species found in the Archa Prey Gardens.

To dress up as a Nuflug Fly is a very popular Halloween costume on Archa.

(Note: Krabbel enjoys Nuflug, but prefers ice cream)

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