common,nons scientific term for a species of mites that became a trans panemic parasite. Meaning it has been detected on multiple planets and are a health problem to several space faring societies.
The Nuganucks originate from Togr and have been spread by the spacefating felines.
While an infection is treatable and especially hygiene minded Togar frown upon infected individuals as it signals poor hygiene and grooming habits.
Nuganucks can and do infest all kind of mammalian life forms.
Jooltar , Xundran , Attikans and many others. Humans can get affected too.
A visit to a Union Clinic will eliminate the  infestation. Union Health Department prowlers provide free prophylactic treatments that make a host unattractive to the parasites.

Union  spaceport hygiene laws ,detection and elimination technology prevent the spread of parasites to other Union planets and ports.

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