Nul sausage
Nul Sausage

Despite the popular believe that Nul Sausage is an old traditional Nul food, it was actually only created around 5021 -5022 by the Elly chef of the USS Tigershark , Mr. Eeeryt His concotion was his interpretation of a Nul Dish.  Then prince Xon was a  new member of the Tigershark and the Union had little cultural information on the Nul. Xon was a warrior born and had no idea how food was prepared (He only knew how to eat it) He described a native dish and Erica Olafson declared it sounded like Xon describing a sausage.

Mr.Eeeryt (the chef) used components of Xon's description and pictures and recipes of Nilfeheim sausages to create something his new friend Xon would like. 

According to Xon it wasn't anything like the Utyrin he described but much better and declared it to be his favorite food. Not only the fact that Nul Sausage was served at the now famous Tigershark (The recipe for Nul Sausage was actually included in the Log book) but that the future ruler of all that is Nul declared it to be his favorite dish, made every Nul alive demand a "Nul Sausage" to try.

Why of all places a Golden Company suddenly came up with the Sausages is not clear, but it is said that Mr.Eeeryt himself is part of the owners ( Mr.Eeeryt has declined many posts and transfers and remained aboard the Tigershark for decades)

A Nul Sausage is a huge ungainly looking thing - Stuffed intestines of a Fangsnapper (The original first version had the intestines of "You don't want to know where he got them from". )

The stuffing contained organ meat, meat, fat, blood, onions, snapper bacon, Utyrin meat, fish and spices. The entire thing was first cooked and then matured, Finally it was roasted and served.

While there are many companies selling varieties of this Union wide popular food, only SoEeXo Inc . headquatered at Sobody's Bazaar sells the originial and is the official Ruling House of Nul merchant.

A Nul sausage weighs between 15-20 kilos and retails for 80-100 credits. 

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