Nuthrum Device


First reference of the existence of this device was made by captured Siucra commanders during the short but intense Union / Siucra conflict 5018-20

It is according to the Siucra a Doomsday device left behind by the UNI at Koken.

The device was found in the smaller side chamber of the Shafts of Knowledge installation underneath a mountain range of Koken.

Secret documents of Siucra military command gave little information what it is or does.

It appears to be a disc shaped object of 30 cm diameter and 3 cm thickness.

It does not conform to any other known UNI tech

Xeno Tech research at Lonely Station determined that it is a remote control – Calling device and not the weapon itself.

The item has a transdimensional energy source and a single button like control.

It has not been “tried” yet