Outer-Mid-Fringe -Lower
A Subregion within the Outer Mid Fringe, a region also known as Galaxy's Western Edge
M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector
The region was defined during the Galaxy Mapping Project And is spatially defined as a region of  4,582 LY x 500 LY x 10,000 LY

The outer fringe of OMF-Lower blends into the Trans-Galactic Void.
OMF-Lower borders on OMF-Upper on the Galactic North side and has no Southern region that is claimed or managed by the Union.
The  Southern terminus ends at the "Upward-Coreward Horizon ". There are a few lightyears worth of space beyond that imaginary line. 
It faces the Perseus Arm of the M-0 Galaxy towards Galactic East and the Transgalactic Void to Galactic West
The Union systems within OMF-Lower are:

The Sub Region's administrative center is Cassia .  There are no direct Space Train Connections to the OMF-Lower sub-region, but it is close to Galactic-West, system . While there are "only" three systems in this sub-region. There are a large number of military outposts and listening stations looking into Shiss space. 
The Deep Space region of the Shiss empire is not officially claimed by the Shiss .
There are constant patrols and recon flights from Galwatch into that region.
Union Military calls it the Shiss Hinterland Region

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