One of the three regions that make up the Outer Rim Region (M-0 Galaxy , Upward Sector , ORR )
The region centers on Monocreos-Center , a dim red sun with one rock type planet, Monoceros Point .
There are 67 known dim and very dim suns and 88 brown dwarfs within this region.
In addition, there are 112 known dark objects with sizes of 1 KM or more.
Smaller objects, if discovered are gathered and utilized.
The Monocreos region has 93 automated Long-Range Deep Space Sensor buoys (LRDSS-AB)
Four Number Fleets have their HQ's within the Monocreos region.

The region is named after a Constellation seen from Earth

The 69th Fleet - Zoroaster, planet
The 68th Fleet - Danny, system
The 67th Fleet - Remmie, system
The 66th Fleet - Deep Six System

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