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Obrock Mc Elligott, born in Stirling, Scotland on the 4th of November, 2017,

(Earth Territory Northern Europe) almost exactly 80 years before the Guardian awakes and the Sarans reveal themselves and land on the lawn of the White House.

Mc Elligott joins the British Royal Navy and enters the Royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth.

He becomes a Submariner and eventually becomes an Admiral in the Navy. King William V decorates him personally with the highest British award for bravery no less than four times in various conflicts and wars.

He is already retired when the Third World War breaks out and he rejoins at the age of 78.

In January 2096 the Guardian appears to him and picks him to be one of the 200 Immortals to guide and protect Humankind on its way onto the Galactic Stage. In 2097 Mc Elligott becomes the ADMINISTRATOR

Mc Elligott has been made immortal when he was an Old man and so he appears to be a man of advanced age, even though he is physically fit and healthy. He usually wears elements of the Highland dress, and is rarely seen without his kilt.

He smokes tobacco pipes and is an excellent golfer.

Besides Immortality, he received the gift of instant recall and the ability to remember details in great detail. Furthermore he is impervious to Psionic attacks as all Immortals are. His immune system has been boosted by the Guardian. Mc Elligott has not been sick in 3000 years, infections do not develop and even serious injuries heal at a tremendous speed.

He is called “the Administrator”.

(See Terran Immortal Act in 2100 and also Union Immortal Act in 3593)

Admiral Mc Elligott

After being the lead Officer of the United Earth Defense Fleet and the foundation of the United Stars of the Galaxy; Mc Elligott is chosen to become the Admiral of the Fleet and the highest ranking officer in the United Stars Navy in 2290. He remains at this post ever since.

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