Non sentient life form 

Native to : Kastrill Colony -

12 -14 meter tall - Omnivorous carbon based lifeform. Agresso Level 8

These incredible fast and enduring runners roam the seemingly endless plains of Kastrill hunting and foraging for prey and food.

The main prey are the almost eqally fast Tento Runners , but Octos are also foraging for Dust Plllows , a fungus unique to Kastrill.

Colonists of Kastrill have attempted to corall and ride Octowalkers, ( Ranger Baker was the first successfully doing so)

The Kastrill Rodeo is only about 20 years old and is developing to a welll liked show on GalNet.

In 5010 the first Octowalker race was held ( 120 mile race across the Molgor plains from Kastrill Down to Bergdorf's Ranch with prize money of 1 million credits. While one contestant broke his neck and several suffered injuries, the race was considered a big success and the race in 5011 had a top prize of 5 milion credits and the race was watched by 20 billion across the Union.

Octowalkers are hard  to tame and have a vicious and agressive temper. The riders are considered death defying dare devils.  

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