In 4322 Hugh Lessnor of the long running satiric night show “Galactic Vibes” jokingly founded the Association of Off-Worlders. It however became one of the largest social groups and associations with large annual parties and events usually held in space. Hugh Lessnor slogan: As soon as you leave home, you too are an Off-Worlder has become a household expression with many variations.

Off World is a general term describing everything with an origin other than local.

Similar to Off-Worlder

General term used to describe anyone not native to a given planet. The term usually appears after the third or fourth generation of Settlers, when they no longer see themselves as Immigrants or settlers but Inhabitants or natives. It is mostly used when describing the inability of an outsider to understand local customs. It is also used to describe products, visitors and influence from the outside that is distinctively different from something local.

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