Olafson Clanw
One of the Old Clans of Nilfeheim, menaing they can trace their heritage to the first families that landed on
Olafsons wolf

Olafson Clan Chief Necklace Wolfshead

Nilfeheim . The Olafson Clan is noteable as Eric Olafson is a member of that clan.

Clan Colors: White on Red

Clan symbol: Wolf heads

Clan Chiefs:

Isegrim Olafson (till 5035)

Elena Olafson (5035 - 5091)

Erica Olafson (5091 - 5179 *)

Noteable Members:

Isegrim Olafson

Eric Olafson

Exa Olafson

Elena Olafson

Hogun Olafson

Harkun Olafson

The Olafson Clan absorbed the Ragnarsson Clan

(*) This is the daughter of Exa Olafson

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