Onmni pulse
Omni Pulse Network

In 5070 - SII researchers cracked the advanced technology of the Ancient Gate Networks - Commuincation capability. 

The gates appeared to have a communication method that could contact and connect all gates without time delay. 

In 5077 -SII introduced the Omni Pulse Network - Without apparent distance limit - It allowed sending messages (simple digital pagages of limited data capacity per pulse)

While it does not allow Virtual connections, Avatar connections, it does allow the transmission of pictures, sound and text.

In 5077, McElligott called the Pinwheel Gatehouse from the floor of the Assembly.

All Union Fleet ships and Armed Forces outpost received a Omni Pulse Terminal (or are in the process of receiving one)

In 5090 -Commercial Omni Pulse Terminals became available (45,000 Credits) - Non Export-