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unknown origin. Space Vermin . These segmented insectoid life forms grow to about 4 – 10 mm and are known to burrow themselves in body orifices to lay their eggs. It is believed they are around since the times of the Pree, as a Pree document describes a very similar life form [1]

These pests are known to exist on nearly every Free Space port and are a common parasites in Slave pens. The creatures infest carbon life forms and flood the invaded host body with a calming bio drug that makes the person very lethargic and unable to experience pain or emotions. There are Gal Drifts who put them inside their ears on purpose. [2] Orificers are also sold as Living Drug.

SII Pharma has a Orificer farm and raises them to isolate the Bio Drug. From it they synthesize a series of medical drugs. The drug renders a person pain free and allows to lower emotional reactions and are used to calm persons that experienced a traumatic event. ( Loss of a loved one, accident, etc) The Drug Calmadol [3] is based on that bio drug and only available by prescription. (the Drug is sold on the black market)

Orificers are found on Planet Place as well.

[1] Document incomplete , found in the Shafts of Knowledge (Koken). While most material there is of UNI origin, some material appears to be Pree.

[2] Orificers are made infertile with a drug (so they don't lay eggs) and sold as a “Living Drug”. The problem is there is no easy way to determine if the Orificer is indeed rendered “harmless”.

[3] Rumors persist that SII has developed a concentrated version of the drug that renders a person completly pain and emotion free and it is used by NAVINT , TSI and Gray Cats.(Union Spies are supposedly have a little actiatable deposit in their bodies that make them immune to any form of interogation. The same rumor claims that the Kermac were unable to do the same but have stockpiled a large quantity of Calmadol.

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