within a region also known as Galaxy's Western Edge
M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector
The region was defined during the Galaxy Mapping Project And is spatially defined as a region of 25,746 LY x 500 LY x 10,000 LY

While it is administrative a Fringe Region. It includes several important points, including the home systems of three Union Member societies (Theta-Thieks , Diechsen , Union Shiss )
It is divided into three regions:


The Outer Fringe Region center system is Diechs System, with a Class A Spaceport and Space Train station for the Upward-Klack Line and the M-0-LMC Connection
As Fringe regions go, the OMF is considered important and the entire region is a Union Development Zone.
Military is heavily present, especially in the Lower Sub-region. There are a number of Armed Border Buoys and regular Wolfcraft and Scorpion Patrols.

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