Pandora swan
Pandora Swan

Avian life form of the planet Green Hell.

Pandora Swans are bird like creatures capable of flight. Like true birds they hatch from eggs, kept in an body pouch of either the female or the male animal. While observations have shown that the sex of the hatch-ling determines which of the parent animals keep the egg until it hatches (male Pandoras protect and carry the male eggs, while females carry the female eggs), the reverse has been observed as well. After about 11 weeks a new Pandora swan hatches and is kept inside the body pouch for another 3 weeks, after which the young Pandora is abandoned by its parent animals. Only 1 out of 10 Pandoras make it to adult hood.

Like all life forms of Green Hell, the Pandora Swans have an array of deadly weapons at their disposal: Razor wings, tail barb (poisoned) Cut feathers, talons and a razor sharp beak.

Adult Pandora Swans can reach sizes up to 3 meters in length with a wingspan of nearly 5 meters. However the majority of Pandora Swans is approximatively 2 meters long with a wingspan of 3 meters.. Bio Scientists believe that the large swans are actually a sub species.

Pandora Swans hunt mostly for Arrow Wasps and Vamp Flies and have been seen to snatch individual Dragon Ants. Occasionally they attack the bigger Gladiator Eagles, even Moolaxes and other life forms usually smaller than them.

Their main opponent are Gladiator Eagles, Water Snakes and adult Moolaxes.

Recent studies show that the Swans have a high level of intelligence similar to Terran Ravens or parrots.

The first domesticated Pandora Swan, owned by Melissa O'Malley showed a level of deep bonding to its human owner and gained galactic fame in the well liked GalNet show: Silver and I ( adapted Virtu Show of the same titled book written by Melissa O'Malley)

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