The PTTP is technically not a tree nor a plant, but a usually stationary but not immobile animal.

Like most life forms of Phantas, this life form has psionic abilities and lures its victims into its embrace and their ultimate doom by introducing desire and pleasure emotions.

The export or trade with Phantas life forms including the PTTP is highly illegal and regulated by local and federal law.

Despite this, the Kermac managed to steal several PTTPs and the Kermac modified creature is the source of the Kermac Psi Spores (and not the Piostla as originally thought).

A PTTP sappling is worth between 200,000-500,000 credits on the black market

A PTTP grows to up to 5 meters and can live up to 100 standard years. It has a psion control gland but is not sentient and has no brain other than a nerve cluster.

It does however mimic pleasure emotions in most sentient beings and thus is considered Harmful Lv 13

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