Pha’Illur System
The Pha’Illur System is the home of the Shaill, a member of the union, and despite its relatively remote location it is a busy, heavily developed and traveled system.

There is a large System Hub Station with a Space Bus connecting Pha’Illur to the rest of the Union.

All eight planets are occupied and used.

  1. Make-Te – small hot world- Mining and Manufacturing.
  2. Sha’Illon – Garden world type 1C, Homeworld of the Shaill.
  3. Lyndois - Garden world Type 4D – Water world. Heavy pharmaceutical factories and industrial installations. One of the most densely populated planets in the Union with thousands of underwater and swimming cities and countless pharmaceutical factories.
  4. Kantroi – Gas giant with 16 moons. All moons are occupied, mostly suburban communities for Lyndois and Howyoben.
  5. Howyoben – Ice/Rock core planet – Many research institutes, The Shaill Institute for Pharmaceutical research, the Shaill Neurological Research University are here.
  6. Mergeni – Ice/Rock planet - Most of the clinics and long term treatment facilities are located here.
  7. Insevast – Union Fleet System Base, Union Court, Sector Security.
  8. Aypali – Small rock planet – Depository for the deadliest compounds known to the Union society. High-Security Area.

Main Export: Pharmaceutical products, chemical products, medicines, poisons

Main Import: Raw materials, biological compounds, poisons, machinery, luxury articles.

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