Pillau, System.png

Union Star System
Backyard Outer Fringe -West M-0 galaxy , Upward Sector
M Class Sta r (Red) 4 Rock Core planets 1Ice giant
All planets are occupied and utilized. Pilau System is represented like the other stars by a region Representative. . Planet Pilau V is utilized by Floating Refineries.
Pilau IV is home to a Union Member Species (Pilauns ) and one of only two known sentient life forms based on Ammonia
As higher temperatures (those of Standard BaPhy ) are extremely dangerous to Pilauns. The planet has no spaceport and is served by special shuttles from Pilau III. 
Pilauns generally do not like to travel but are eager Union society participants. (See Pillauns)

Pillau I
Pillau II
Pillau III
Pillau IV
Pillau V

Spacebus Connections (Bi-Weekly) - Post ship daily
Spacebus line from and to Isah's Star

Closest Space Train Depot : Isah's Star - 2812 LY - 1 Week by Spacebus

Distance Pillau - Pluribus  34,221 LY (7 Weeks by Spacebus)

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