Planet Bomber

One of the most controversial weapon systems of the Union are the Armageddon Class Planet Bombers. While orbital bombardment is a common form of attack used by nearly all known space-faring civilizations, The actual and complete destruction of an entire world is something only the Wurgus and the Terrans have done in the past and no one but the Terrans have done that on such a massive scale as in the Operation Steam Roller (extermination of the Xunx) where every known planet of the Xunx was destroyed by robotic bombs. Or repeated it in Operation Fire Storm (Freons) and Operation Götterdämmerung ( Ferons).

The Terrans and later the Union continued the development of Planet destroying weaponry such as the P Bomb or the life-destroying Spore Bombs. The culmination of this development is the Planet Bomber Class space ship. (1-2 Planet Bombers are assigned to every Fleet and then there is the Core Retaliation Force of a Planet and Sun Bomber fleet, a reserve unit that keeps training and exercising as diligently as regular Fleet Units.)

Here is the USS Hammerfaust, one of the ships that took part in the Back Door war of 4884 against the Jellies. 3500 meters long armed with a core complement of FLT Quon Plasma Bolters and several Translocator Gatlings. It's main feature however are the 12 “Bomb Drawers” (6 on each side) filled either with 18 Mega Size Bombs or 24 Spore Bombs. (other Mega Bombs such as the Terran NFS (Nuclear Fire Storm) or the Deep Core Breakers can be loaded deployed. One Mega Bomb – Deep Core is enough to seriously damage a planet of Earth-Size. Two bombs can rip it apart. One Drawer is enough to ignite a Jovian Planet and 5 Drawers can make a Sun go Supernova. The Bombs are fitted with Near Light speed accelerators and shields, making it very hard to intercept them. The Bombers are among the heaviest armored and shielded ships. ( 8 x TransDim 4x DuoDim) Complement: 45 Officers 500 Crew, 20 Marines Speed: 250 km?sec2 Max Translight : 23,000 t/spL Max Range: 12,500 LY</p>

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