Holstein planet
Planet Holstein

Aka: Land of thousand Meadows, The Milk and Butter Planet Union Planet – Garden World Class A1 in the Lichthaus SystemUpward Sector (FormerXunx Region)

In 2161 the Colony Arks: Friesland, Luneburg and Brandenburg make planet fall and Colony Holstein is established. The Colony was growing quickly, thanks to the near perfect conditions of the planet. The Colony suffered a series of brutal Pirate raids at the hand of the Neo Vikings from Nilfeheim (neighbour system) in the early years. [1] Holstein Planet is a pristine planet with moderate climate, fresh air, much arable land and oceans. (Land/ Water ratio: 60/40) There is plenty of fresh water and no native life forms dangerous to human life. Colonists maintained a strong connection to their local Terran regional culture and the local language spoken is “Platt” a strange dialect of Germanic roots.

There is a Sector Court and a Federal Police
station. The Union Fire Department has its regional HQ here.

There are 2.2 Billion Holsteiners (89 % Terran Human, 5% Saresii, 3 % Pan Saran, 2% Klack and 1% other) living in seven large Cities and numerous small towns and villages all across the world. The Largest City is: Neu Flensburg Local Civics: An elected body of Landrats form the Holstein Buergertag and a new Buerger Kanzler and a new Planeten Abgeordneter (Planet Representative) elected every 4 years. The Planet’s society takes the notion of orderly to new heights and Pea Counting is an actual sports activity. Littering is a Felony punishable by up to 5 months in prison. While the main export of the Planet is Dairy products, Meat, Pork, Dung and Hay; Holstein has a small but famous precision engineering tools manufacturing industry. Holstein produces several brands of beer, of which Holstin Pils is the most famous and available Union wide.

Main Imports: Hops, Bananas and tropical fruits, Luxury products, General Merchandise

Federal : Class C Spaceport, Union Schools, Union Hospital, Union Fire Department Regional Office, Union Police Regional HQ, Sector Court, Union Post Office, Space Bus Connection - Daily, Regional Ranger Office, Recruitment Office Armed Forces, Science Corps - mathematical Institute, Federal Statistics Office HQ, Science Corps - Agricultural Research Institute

Tourism: Hiking, Brewery tours, Terran Replica Caste tours, haunted Castle tours, Wine and Beer tasting. Accomodations from B&B to Super Lux available. Church tours, Alpine Climbing, Skiing, Fishing

Cultural Highlights: Flensburg Cheese Festival, Holstein Beer Drinkers Olympics, Annual Schnapps makers Convention, Feininstrumente Messe

[1]It was actually the Settlers of Holstein who gave the Norse men of Nilfeheim the name “Neue Wikinger” which eventually became the Term “Neo Vikings”.

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