Union Planet , Andromeda Galaxy Region 2, - System Reshh

Planet the Sleeper Ship of the exiled Blue reached after leaving the Milky Way Galaxy. The Blue made it their new home and called it Kokiaa (which means "Another Home ").

The planet was a marginal Garden World and has been terraformed and improved over the millenia. It is now the center of The Blue Sphere and a technical and cultural Center. It belongs to the Union Andromeda Core and is connected via Transmatter Tunnel to Perta and Threeoz. It is of course connected to the rest of the Union via Space Train. 3 Billion Blue and other Union Citizen make Kokiaa their home. It is on the decline in terms of industry as much of it is now moved off planet. It is gaining importance as a research and knowledge center.

Main Imports: Lux, Groceries Main Exports: BlueTronics, Ship parts.

Civics: Council Laws: Union  + local

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