Planet construction companies

Large  planet altering companies able to change the conditions and make up of Natural Celestial Objects .

There are six such companies operating within the Union .

No known civilization outside the Union does this in the same scale as the Union.

These companies can optimize a planet for a certain crop, for farming, ranching, industrial uses, recreation or residency. 

Raise or lower temperatures, alter axial tilt [1], fix atmospheric conditions, add or remove oceans, raise or remove mountains. Add or remove islands, continents, add or remove moons, influence seismic conditons and antyhing in between.

Most common jobs are the (highly controvesial) bio sphere removal and replacement (Sterilization).

Also global landscaping usually for agricultural purposes.

But resort construction is also quite common.

The six Companies are:

1- Globefix Inc . [3]

2- Terrashape Corp . (SII Corp) [4]

3- Logrun Wurgus Inc. [3]

4- Balusun Wurgus Inc. [2]

5- Magulsun Wurgus Inc. [3]

6- Gardens and Moons Inc .[3]

[1] Axial Tilt, change of orbit jobs are only offered by Balusun Wurgus (inc) and is the most expensive planetary constrution related job.

[2] The largest such company 

[3] Wurgus owned

[4] SII owned Wurgus company