Planetary Siege Engines

Leviathan Type

United Stars Army – Heavy Assault Armor -

This 300 meter long, 180 meter wide and 66 meter tall gigantic tank has rapid fire DE Cannons, Relativistic Rail Accellerators, Anti Matter mortars, landing pads for gunships and shuttles, tripple redundancy Para Dim Shields, point defence guns, Missile launchers, room for a regiment of battle suited troops, a regiment of Battle Robots, can travel over almost any known planet surface and in any known planetary environment including of course underwater. It has six Loki IV Torpedo Starters and can engage space ships with a Kilo Load Translocator cannon.

It has dedicated specialized NAR factories (Nanite and Robot) (aka LEGO Factories) to produce a wide range of military hardware.

It can service tanks, gun ships, battle suits and battle walkers.

Some say it is an outdated dinosaur and could be easily replaced by a Fleet Destroyer, but it has tracks, it moves it is a tank and no one can deny the psychological effect of a platoon of Leviathans on a planet side entrenched enemy.