==Pluribus System ==


The Pluribus Stars System is the Capitol System of the United Stars of the Galaxies. Its government and the General Assembly are to be found on the Planet Pluribus Unum. The System was chosen as it was at the almost exactly equidistant to Earth, Spqr, Ulta and Saran Throne world Luxor. None of the planets were very hospital but all the inner Planets and moons received extensive terraforming. Pluribus the Sun was a nervous, flaring G III spectral class sun. Now thanks to extensive Wurgus engineering it is a very stable and reliable star. The Wurgus and the Non Corp maintain a Sun Surface city called Blazing Light. It is accessible to all citizens. Pluribus Unum the first planet has 2 moons and is the actual Capitol. The rock core planets Suburbia, Suburbia II and Suburbia III are mostly residential planets. The three planets have 34 moons, some are artificial and some are natural and all are occupied. Some of the moons are in private hands and considered the most exclusive residential and corporate addresses in the Galaxy. The Presidents Moon around Suburbia II, for example, is reserved for former presidents and government officials. Pluribus Sanctum is the largest Cemetary in the Union and holds the graves and monuments for billions of beings. The two moons around Sanctum: Union Pride and Union Peace are reserved for the Armed Forces most treasured and honored fallen heroes. There are nine Space Stations in the System: Pluri Defender, a military installation of the United Stars Army and Head Quarters of System Defense. Plur- Sword is the Union Fleet Base at Pluribus and home to the 2nd Fleet. Pluri-Shield used to be another Union Base but is now a Maximum Security Federal Prison and detention center. Pluri-Gate, Pluri-Hub, and Pluri-Base are traffic hubs with large spaceport facilities. Pluri-Base is also a Space Train Station and connects Pluribus to the Space Train Network. Trans-Pluri Hub is a local traffic hub to the Trans Sanctum Objects, a number of minor planets and the Lorta Cloud with many thousand occupied asteroids. Pluri Ring Base is a major manufacturing hub and Mineral processing facility for the still very active mining activities in Pluri Belt. Pluri-Bus is the headquarters of Silver Lines Space Bus Inc. and the second largest Space Bus terminal facility in the Union. It also has a Union Bus factory and extensive repair and maintenance facilities.


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