Pluribus Unum is a planet.

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Pluribus Unum

To accommodate the new Multi-Cultural society a common place for a new government was needed. A star system was found that was in approximate equidistance to Ulta, Terra, Spqr and Saran Planet. It was named Pluribus Unum.

The 1st planet in the System Pluribus was named Pluribus Unum, while the planet was anything but suitable. It was still selected to be the new government seat of the Union.
Pluribus is the official seat of the Federal Government and the Capitol of the United Stars of the GalaxiesA naming contest was held among all Union Citizens and after elimination process the name Pluribus was chosen. It is form an old Earth called Latin and means." We are many individuals, many civilizations, many cultures but we are together in one goal and one future."
Pluribus Unum has 3 continents:



It is classified as a Garden word now, but it did not start out that way and received extensive Terra Forming. The Planet used to be a Planet Type Cor/Hot 2. (Very hot with corrosive atmosphere)
Cooling Satellites, Atmosphere alteration and adding billions of tons of good soil, rocks and water have been added. Extensive planetary Water production plants created the now existing oceans. The planet is tectonic stabilized.
The Planet now has shallow oceans of freshwater that are stocked with a variety of fish (compatible with each other) and large recreational forests on the Presidents Continent.
Temperatures are moderate and weather is controlled
There are six moons, four have been towed into orbit and are called:
1) Pleasure Moon 1

2) Pleasure Moon 2

3) Sec-Sat 1

4) Sec-Sat 2

5) Pluri-Port Alpha

6) Pluri-Port Beta

Capitol and Government Continents are densely built up with the buildings of a Mega-city. (The largest city in the known Universe) Structures such as the Schwartz Sky Needle III (Arcologies) reach as far as the Mesosphere, and go as deep as the Core. (Magmatica)
It is the most populated planet in the Union and more than 40 Billion individuals live and work here, with an additional 40 billion commuting almost daily.
There are 2 Class A Space ports on the surface (Civilian only) and two Class A space ports in orbit. A Space tram station and Trans Matter Tunnels provide fast and nearly instantaneous transport to all planets, moons and space stations in the system
Every Corporation has either their headquarters here or a major branch office. Every bank including the Federal Union Bank has offices here. More than 4500 Member Civilizations maintain so called Culture Pavilions, while all 4995 Member Civilizations have Representative Offices with support staff here.
The President’s residence, The Assembly and the High Court of the Union as well as all Federal Departments have their Headquarters at Pluribus System.
(Except Fleet)
All Citizens on Pluribus have access to UTCHAT an AI Giga-Computronic providing Citizen “Speak in the Air” System access anywhere to perform a wide variety of functions.

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