Olo Coins
Polonium Chips

Polonium Chips or coins are a universally accepted payment method in the entire M 0 Galaxy and the value of Polonium is also accepted by any space-faring society so far encountered.

It is used as a form of payment where Standard Nonphysical Currencies such as the Union Standard Credit, the Kerm (Kermac / Galactic Council) and the Xi of the Shiss ( It is not known if the Nul have a standardized Currency but the few commercial contacts with the Nul showed they readily accept Polonium)

Polonium Chips are also known as:

· Polo Coins

· One Weights

· Polo chips

· Polos

· Poos

· Radshields

While polonium is also traded as a general commodity, special manufactured Polonium Coins are in widespread use. These Coins are coated with a special Radiation shielding Polymer and a layer of gold to prevent the users of this dangerous material to be poisoned and take harm from the radiation.

Many small Civilizations , independent societies issue and use Polo Coins and print the denomination on one or both sides.

The most common are the One Weights issued by several independent societies in Free Space. Meaning a one weight contains exactly One gram (or amount of atoms unit – measured by atoms per cubic nano meter).

Smaller coins are known as half weights, quarter weights, all the way to tenth weights.

Also bigger coins are known, notably the 5, 10 and 100 gram coins commonly found on Sin 4.

Almost everyone in these fringe areas has a Polo coin tester to determine how much Polonium is contained in the coin.

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