Portland is a city located in the Oregon region of the North America continent of Terra, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers.  Over two thirds of it's population of 382,619 live in an underground arcology built within one of the hills within the city limits at the time of Terran Ascent.  Historically, it reached a peak population of nearly 1.15 million.

There are a number of parks within the city, with the smallest Mill Ends Park, being one of the most popular tourist destinations on Terra of the Mini Terrans who are the only Union Citizens physically allowed inside, although reduced size avatars may also visit that park.

Portland was incorporated in 1851 near the end of the Oregon Trail and is the county seat of Multnomah County. The city has a commission-based government headed by a mayor and four other commissioners as well as Metro, a distinctive regional government. Even prior to the ascent the city was noted for its superior land-use planning and investment in public transportation. Because of its public transportation networks and efficient land-use planning, Portland has been referred to as one of the most environmentally friendly, or "green", cities in the world for nearly three millenia.

Located in the Marine west coast climate region, Portland has a climate marked by both warm, dry summers and wet, cool-to-chilly winter days. This climate is ideal for growing roses. For more than a three thousand years, Portland has been k with many rose gardens – most prominently the International Rose Test Garden. The city is also known for its abundant outdoor activities, liberal political values, and beer and coffee enthusiasm. Portland is home to a large number of independent microbreweries, microdistilleries and food carts that contribute to the unofficial slogan "Keep Portland Weird".

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