Pre Astro Terran

This is a general term describing the period of History on Earth prior to the Ascent; prior to becoming a FTL Society. This broad term describes the entire history form first life on Earth to the landing of the Sarans and the awakening of the Guardian. Pre Astro Terran items and artifacts are highly collectable. Many Pre Astro Cultural references have developed into completely new cultural aspects. The only ones really remembering anything about that time are the Immortals. For Example: The Church of SupermanThe myth of Superman, an Alien with great powers who even came back from the Dead to protect humanity became a major religion. The attempt of Admiral Stahl to explain that it was only a Cartoon/ Comic book character was considered Heresy by the Seekers of Krypton who believe this World really existed and accuse the Government to cover up the truth from anyone obtaining such powers. Light Bulbs Pre Astro Glass Light Bulbs posed a great mystery to Archeologists and considered the few intact artifacts found to be part of a machine designed to capture spirits.

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