Civilization: Pree

Race: Pree

Adjective: Pree

Place of Origin: Unknown

AL: Unknown

TL: 10 or higher (speculated)

Association: Unknown

Status: Extinct / Unknown


The Pree were a galactic civilization that reached a Technology level of at least 10. It was a highly advanced spacefaring culture active in the M-O (Milky Way Galaxy ). It is unknown but assumed that the Pree were native to this Galaxy.

They were active  approximatley 2.5 Million Standard Years ago). It is assumed that the Pree are an extinct civliziation.

The Pree are known to many of the older spacefaring civilizations in legends and myths. Pree artifacts and ruins are very rare but several presumed Pree worlds with cultural and technological artifacts are known.

It is not known if the Pree incorporated other spacefaring species inside their society or if they were part of a political or economic assication with another civilization.

The Pree were active during the same time as the Universal Collective and successfully resisted Uni efforts to incorporate them into the collective. Scholars generally believe there was no war or large scale military conflict between the Pree and the Uni , but neither side had much sympaty for the other.

While it is generally accepted that the Uni decided to abandon the M-0 Galaxy and move on to another, it is unknown what happened to the Pree. No evidence for internal or external war exists and all legends and myths regarding the Pree point to a peaceful and benelovent species with high moral standards.

Scholars and researchers are split in their oppinion if it was the Pree or the Uni that seeded human life in the M-0 Galaxy and responsible for the Human Mystery . (It is commonly agreed however that is was one of the two )

Recently Terran scientists discovered a species of Walking Whales on a distant planet in the Coreward Sector that claim to have been moved there by the Pree, in order to prevent their extinction. A cave filled with still functional Pree technology has been found on that same planet.

Captain Eric Olafson of the USS Tigershark discovered a net of trans-spatial gateways between galaxies of the Local group. These gateways had been installed by the Pree.

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