Princess cleo XXXX
Princess Cleotrix IV‏‎

Youngest daughter of Queen Nefria XX.


Princess Cleotrix grew up during a time when the Pan Saran / Saran War was still fought. Not as determined or as brutal as in the older times, but still with victims, dead and violence on both sides. She of course knew of the Xunx and also of Earth (Sarans considered Earth a lost colony at that time) She wanted to save Earth's population [1] and influenced her mother to consider to interfere and prevent the Xunx from invading Earth. [2] The princess forms a group with the goal to prepare Saran opinions and preposition her society towards the possiblity of millions of Earth refugees coming to Saran worlds.

At a visit to the Planet of Galactic Harmony and as part of the Saran delegation to the Galactic Council she meets Marcus Cladius, the son of the Pan Saran Emperor. They fall in love and they both discover their passion for Earth. (Marcus had similar ideas and also tried to influence Pan Saran opinion to assist Earth against the Xunx.

They both create an Underground Organization that has the goal to use both societies love for Earth[3] to use it as a common goal to end the war and by having a common goal re-unite.In 2135 an Underground organization called “Friends of Terra” is created by Princess Cleotrix IV ,Daughter of the current Saran Queen Queen Nefria XX and Marcus Cladius, the oldest son of the Pan Saran Emperor Longus Portandix.

In 2155 the Queen is murdered and her older Sister becomes queen.

When her older Sister dies, her Sister commands (with her dying words) that Cleotrix is not to be queen. The dying Queen fears that her younger sister is too much involved with Pan Saran affairs to be a good queen working for Saran interests. [4]

Princess Cleotrix puts all her energy into the future of a United Earth, Pan Saran , Saran unification. She dies before it happens, but many historians call her to be one of the birth helpers of the United Stars.

[1] She finds Saran Involvement is not enough and opposes the secret agenda of her mother (to gain Terran troops)

[2] The war against Pan Saran and the possibility to loose many thousand ships and millions of Saran soldiers,prevented the Queen to accept her daughters wishes. Sending the Saran Planet Lander to warn Earth, give them TL 3 knowledge and expect them to built Arks to evacuate their brightest and best to Saran worlds was done not without a self serving reason : To  gain Savage Terrans to fight along Saran troops against the Pan Sarans)

[3] Sarans considered Earth a lost Colony and Pan Sarans worshipped Earth's Rome in a fanatic religious way

[4] Little did the dying queen know that the woman elected queen was already sold on the idea of unification and did everything in her power to make it happen.

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