Psionics aka commonly shortened to Psi

After the Ascent Terran Humans were surprised to find that extra sensory perception and parapsychological powers existed and that there were entire civilizations basing their society and culture on what is calles Psionics.

Even before the Ascent, some Terran scientists and researchers found that some brain functions could not be possible without bioelectrical messaging working at light speed and that some functions had to be faster than light.

Research shows the brain's processing speed is significantly faster than real time

November 15, 2007

Even though standard physic laws prohibit anything to go faster than light, the answer came with advanced physics and the discovery of super exotic particles that existed partially in hyper space and were thus not limited to physical limitations of the standard Universe. The brain Neuro synaptic tissue had micro organs that were able to control and direct these exotic particles to enable the normal human mind to have computing power that reaches quantum computing levels.

In some beings this ability is enhanced and enables it to send or receive thoughts of other beings (Telepaths,) feel the emotional state (Empaths) or sense the environment with a sense other than sight, hearing , tasting or feeling (this was known on Earth as the Sixth Sense)

In certain beings this ability becomes conscious and directable and these beings are able to tap into hyperspace energies and manipulate these in order to affect their environment, this is called telekinesis and can take various forms such as : Aerokinesis, Pyrokinesis etc.

Psionics allow gifted Psionics to travel through Hyperspace and instantly change their spatial position , these are called Teleporters .

The field of Psionics is a branch of medicine and transpatial physics, and studied under the general term Psionology .

All sentient beings have some level of Psionic talent but actual, usable Psionic powers are not establish under a Heidelberg PSI Index of 100.

The Saresii , the Kermac , the Blue and the Phantasians ( Terran colonists of the Planet Phantas) have extensive experience and knowledge about Psionics and almost all of their members are Psionically gifted.

Even though everyone would agree that the Narth are the unchallenged masters of Psionics, the Narth themselves say that whatever they do is something on a higher level than Psionics. (The Narth Supreme once called it Omniuniversal Awarness, but did not explain it any further)

àList of Psionic Powers

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